Welcome to my website.

Ever since I know myself I was passionate about human form and proportions. I started practicing fitness since I was 17 with a former bodybuilder and I have to say I was lucky since there was no internet and the only way of getting my information was only from a local magazine.

He taught me the correct postures in bodybuilding exercises and how to develop body symmetry. I wanted to be big like in the magazines but, when entering the modeling world I had to shrink down about 13 kg of pure muscles so I could fit the clothes.

After years of experimenting with different methods and techniques of training and dieting, I became more aware of how the human body and metabolism works but this was not enough. I started then gathering all the information that I could find on different types of workout, nutrition, and overall a healthy way of life.

I have always been in shape and I have to admit that being a model helped as well to keep the motivational level high.

Still, you know that cliche “become so good they can’t ignore you“, well, I have to say this is what I try to achieve in everything that I do. And I’m working on this, all the time.

So my mission now is to teach you how to become the master of your own body, how to manipulate every part based on your objective, how to become better in every aspect regardless of your daily schedule.

For personal training sessions in Dubai, please contact me andrei@andreiandrei.com

I am in a continuous development and I invite you to join me on this trip.