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Chest and Traps Full Workout with Muneer

Saturday morning workout. My friend Muneer joined me for the workout after a long time we haven't train together. It was Chest, Trapeze and Abs day. Unfortunately, on the abs, we remained out of space on the camera. We started with chest press, then inclined and declined and finished with cable flys giant set. Focusing

Andrei Andrei Fitness

My training programs include bodybuilding, functional training, agility, speed, endurance, coordination, weight loss, nutrition planning. I myself am under development and my goal is to reach the top⭐️. You can contact me for personal training in Dubai. Join me in my journey! Transform yourself.

How I gained 6 kg of pure muscle in just 2 months

Yes, it is possible, and NO it's not drugs, it's not supplements. What could it be? Hard training? Well, it's the "secret" of most body transformations you see on social media, except the ones that are fake(and there are a lot) or the ones that use steroids or other enhancing drugs. In fact, this term

My camera broke and how to build muscle mass

Yes, the card reader from my camera is broken, so until I fix it I can't post any more videos. But I can write ..hahaha. I'm not good at this as you may have noticed. Update on my workouts: The day before yesterday I completed a "last man standing" workout in 4 people and I was

Challenge 4 – 20 minutes Barbell workout

I knew about Crossfit before of course, but never actually took the time to do a whole workout using the correct postures. As I look at myself I am horrified by the way I'm executing the exercises but what the heck I have to start from somewhere. This was one of the reasons why I didn't, at

Challenge 3 – 30 Minute Intense Full body workout (EMOM)

EMOM(Every Minute on the Minute). It is a training protocol where you complete a specific set of movements or exercises every minute, then rest until the end of the minute, then you start again once the next minute starts. I like this kind of training in particular because I can manage my time in that minute,

Obliques Routine that I use

If you are looking to have those 3D abs, this is the way to get it! These muscles help bend your torso to the side, help rotate your torso to the left and right, and perhaps most important, actually act to resist your torso from rotating, which helps to stabilize and protect your spine. I

Challenge 2 – 25 minutes Team Workout

This challenge is meant for training partners or if you do it by yourself you should probably reduce the numbers by half, but heck, maybe you are a stronger person than me. Every repetition is counted for each person and then the sum has to be the set goal. It took us about 26 minutes

Warm up and stretching you should do before every workout

I do this warm up every time you want I want to start working out and is critical to a better performance and fewer injuries but stretching is somewhat of an optional extra - we can do it, we should do it but not doing it will not cause any issues, most times. And I

Challenge 1 – 15 minutes workout Insane

15 Minutes Workout Insane FullBody Challenge This is the first CHALLENGE that I made and I'm planning to do at least one every week. It's inspired from Crossfit workouts. For many years I was training as a bodybuilder and that was fine except my body was good in doing only one thing, looking good :))).

2 Steppers Bodyweight Workout

This exercises will work your chest, shoulders, triceps abs... I added at the end burpee and jumping over the steppers for cardiovascular endurance. Basically a workout for the whole body but focused on upper body development. Repeat this cycle 3 times.

The Best Plank Routine

20 Seconds Hold 10 Seconds Rest This routine I do about once a week to strengthen my core and the good think about it is that it actually improves your posture. Depending on the type of plank you try, you can also engage your back, arms, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings. Basically the whole body more

Something for home

This routine you can easily include in your daily workout. Level intermediate/advanced 1. Jump squat turns 2. Donkey Kicks 3. Half Burpee 4. Side Shuffle with jump 20 seconds per exercise.No break. Repeat 4 times.

3 exercises to boost your heart rate and strength

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