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Challenge 4 – 20 minutes Barbell workout

I knew about Crossfit before of course, but never actually took the time to do a whole workout using the correct postures. As I look at myself I am horrified by the way I'm executing the exercises but what the heck I have to start from somewhere. This was one of the reasons why I didn't, at

Challenge 3 – 30 Minute Intense Full body workout (EMOM)

EMOM(Every Minute on the Minute). It is a training protocol where you complete a specific set of movements or exercises every minute, then rest until the end of the minute, then you start again once the next minute starts. I like this kind of training in particular because I can manage my time in that minute,

Challenge 2 – 25 minutes Team Workout

This challenge is meant for training partners or if you do it by yourself you should probably reduce the numbers by half, but heck, maybe you are a stronger person than me. Every repetition is counted for each person and then the sum has to be the set goal. It took us about 26 minutes

Challenge 1 – 15 minutes workout Insane

15 Minutes Workout Insane FullBody Challenge This is the first CHALLENGE that I made and I'm planning to do at least one every week. It's inspired from Crossfit workouts. For many years I was training as a bodybuilder and that was fine except my body was good in doing only one thing, looking good :))).