I knew about Crossfit before of course, but never actually took the time to do a whole workout using the correct postures.

As I look at myself I am horrified by the way I’m executing the exercises but what the heck I have to start from somewhere. This was one of the reasons why I didn’t, at first, wanted to share this video and after I realized that It’s all a learning process and its ok for people to realize this.

Before you say anything it’s totally safe since I use light weights so I am in no danger whatsoever, still at the end of the workout and after Cristi explained more about how my cleans suppose to look and feel, I kind of got it..close.

The challenge gets pretty demanding after the weights are increased. This is not really a cardio workout but it’s pretty intense on the muscles working that endurance.

The challenge

3 Crossfit Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Overhead Press

The workout is Every minute on the minute(EMOM). First 5 minutes we started with 30 kg, more of a warm up) then increased the weights to 40kg then after 5 minutes to 50kg and we wanted to stay at this weight but because of my incorrect execution we had to decrease to 40 kg the last 5 minutes.

Hopefully you’ll like it.

Good luck.


Location: Fit23 Dubai