How to do dips to build your lower chest

The chest dip is a great exercise for lower chest development. I usually alternate my chest days between declined chest press and dips, just to make sure my chest is not adapting to the same kind of movement and brings variation to my program.

There are two types of dips: Triceps dip and Chest dip. The main difference between them is the position of the body and elbows.

Propper form

  • Lean forward
  • Put your elbows a little bit wider than your shoulders
  • Move knees slightly forward
  • Contract your abs to maintain the position
  • Keep your head in line with your spine as you go down
  • On the way down you will feel a stretch of your pecks and not your delts
  • Focus on chest contraction on the way up


Common mistakes

The most important thing is to keep the shoulders in their socket. A big mistake is to have the delt move forward out of the socket. That’s what causes problems: bad technique or a lack of mobility that forces your body to compensate by moving the shoulder out forward.

The movement should always be controlled so no swinging or bouncing.

Don’t lock the elbows on top. This will not allow for your pecks to rest and maintain constant tension for maximum muscle recruitment.

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