Yes, the card reader from my camera is broken, so until I fix it I can’t post any more videos. But I can write ..hahaha. I’m not good at this as you may have noticed.

Update on my workouts:

The day before yesterday I completed a “last man standing” workout in 4 people and I was the only one lasting until the end. In one word…BRUTAL.


22 Kettlebell Swings

22 Jumping Lunges

200 Jumping Jacks

22 Burpees

22 Wall Ball Shots

Yesterday I’ve done a classic bodybuilding workout, a shoulder and traps workout and, of course, now I have a huge soreness. Everything hurts now :).

About muscle development

The way you build muscle mass in a natural way is progressive overload for sure. What that means is push your body more and more and it will adapt to the stress by growing in size, muscle endurance and strength. Without this concept, there will be no improvement.

But most of the people I have worked with thought that they know how to take the body limits to extreme…You have no idea what your body is capable of doing until you test it .. and boy do I test it :)). Of course, everything has to be done progressively so there is no risk of injury.

You know that guy that is always in the gym working at the same intensity since forever and looks the same most of the time, or worst, and all the time he has an excuse like he was sick or had to take a break for whatever reason. That means he hit a plateau and he is incapable to get over it …and in time winds up looking the same or worst.

What do to in this case?

Well if you don’t have the discipline or the mindset by yourself .. get a partner or a personal trainer. They are key in building your confidence and motivation because you know that nothing can go wrong as long as there is someone to help you do those last 2-3 reps (and those last reps that require help matter the most in building mass and strength).

Concentrate on beating your last workout in terms of weights or number of reps.

At the end of the day, you want to see results when it comes to building your physique not to just lose energy and time for nothing.

Train hard. Kick ass. Stay dedicated.

Photo credit @code.arts