I do this warm up every time you want I want to start working out and is critical to a better performance and fewer injuries but stretching is somewhat of an optional extra – we can do it, we should do it but not doing it will not cause any issues, most times. And I advise it nonetheless.

It redirects the blood from the internal organs to the muscles and makes them ready for whatever aerobic or anaerobic exercise I do.

Also, it raises the body temperature and loosens up the muscles and for example, if I feel sleepy before, after the warm up I feel ready and awake and focused for the movement.

This is a static warm up mostly for the joints and a bit of stretching, after this I start doing the active warm up and I will put a video for that also, basically to raise the pulse and kick start my whole system.

It takes me about 5-10 minutes to do this and most of the people I worked with are exhausted only from doing this.